Hi, I'm Cassie. Owner operator of Shiner Town Skates and Accessories and Shiner Town Skate Coaching

I've always had a passion for building Darwin's skate community since I started skating again with the Darwin Roller Girls in 2010. I've been the media person, vice president, president, coach, and events for DRG and skate under the name Maiden Shiner 333.

I created Shiner Town in 2016 because I really wanted to fill a void in the community of recreational skating and open up access to quality gear for both roller sports competitors, and families for fun and fitness. Coaching naturally followed and together with Team Shiner Town, who also carry a passion for developing the skate community, we teach as often as we can at as many age groups as we can. I will also do personal coaching from age 2.

I skate derby, ramps and street, but although I don't do it as often as I need, I love nothing more than a loan long distance skate with great tunes and fast wheels.

As I have also been a youth worker in the past, Coaching is my true passion, and as a part of this, so is advocating for skate spaces in Darwin. I love showing people of all ages how to skate in the great outdoors so skating can be enjoyed for free and is also adventurous as well.


1. Sure-Grip rentals with 6 on the spine. Original Probe orange but modified plate (for a real toestop) and Orange Sugar wheels. Retro as!

2. Bont Parkstars with Crazy Venus plate & Bones Elite 101

3. Bont Hybrid Fiberglass with Crazy Venus plate



Pizza and chocolate things


Dylan & Amelie because they are Shiner Town's little pocket rockets with so much skill! They are chalk and cheese, but also peas and carrots.

All my tiny little skater students who are the quirkiest, most unique and brave, very hilarious, weird little humans. They pack so much of a personality punch, and across the board, overcome a wide range of challenges to get up and own skating like little bosses!

Ugh, I luff them so mush!


Waterfront Precinct or long distance Gateway Palmerston to Darwin


Nothing beats Darwin but I do love skating in Ballarat too


It's a place that levels me, if I skate sick, or down, worried or sad, skating will help clear and lift me. I can skate with friends or alone or I can pretend to skate and just sit around chatting with skates on my feet and it's still a happy place. 

Most of all I love teaching skills to other skaters and watching them fall in love with it. Watching them grow into stronger versions of themselves.