Coaching Terms & Conditions



Terms & Conditions

By attending a Darwin Skate School class or event, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


All participants must read the following waiver and liability release below, prior to attending sessions. Payment and signature at event will qualify as acknowledgment of Darwin Skate School terms and conditions as stated below. Statements of ‘I’ also refers to being on behalf of participating minors.


I agree before I participate in the event, I will inspect the facilities & equipment. I will advise the organisers immediately of any unsafe conditions I have observed. I will not participate if I am not satisfied the conditions are appropriate to the event description, or can be rectified.


I take responsibility for the quality, integrity and fit of my own equipment.


Shiner Town highly recommends the use of all safety equipment including the use of a well fitted, duel rated, multi impact helmet, and well fitting, good quality knee, elbow and wrist guards.

Helmets are compulsory for all registered participants of Shiner Town learn to skate and beginner focused classes.

Where helmets are not compulsory, Shiner Town absolutely expects adults to make appropriate risk assessment on themselves, and their children and we reserve the right to terminate the participation of any unsafe, unprotected skater from any class until the situation is rectified.



I have discussed any health issues with either my medical practitioner or physical caregiver

I am physically fit to participate in the event & have not been advised otherwise.



If I sustain injury, illness or other medical condition at the event, I authorise any emergency first aid, medication or medical treatment by the attending medical personal if I am unable to act on my behalf. I further authorise the medical personal to sign consent or permission forms, or document relating to medical attention on my behalf. I will inform event organisers, allocated first aid person or coaches of any personal essential medical device or drug I may require during that class such as Epipen or asthma pump, and have that in an accessible location in case of emergency.



All Children under 16 are required to have an adult purchase tickets for them, or discuss arrangements with the event holder or service provider.

Children 14 and above may attend unaccompanied. Please leave us an emergency number

Children 12-13 must have pre-arranged permission to attend unaccompanied, and accept that this is discretional to the event holder and the varied individual considerations that may or may not satisfy an approval.


I understand that any video footage, photos and any other images taken may be used by Darwin Skate School, Shiner Town or partner event organisers in a public environment, including social media in the Northern Territory, Interstate or Overseas.

I will inform Darwin Skate School by writing if there are any personal privacy issues with media.




I have read & understand this release of liability. I understand that by voluntarily agreeing with these terms and conditions, I have given up substantial right and assume all risks involved.


All Darwin Skate School events are drug and alcohol free events. Anyone found consuming, supplying or under the influence, or withdrawal of alcohol or any other drugs will be asked to exit the event/area. Participants displaying any anti-social behaviour will also be asked to exit the event/area.

Please adhere to cigarette smoking restrictions at all venues and spaces and respect the unwanted effects of second hand smoke on others. Please also be aware and attend to the effects that 3rd hand smoke residue has on others when entering our spaces. These effects include toxicity, carcinogenic and respiratory side effects.

Shiner Town accepts no responsibility for any damage to property or injury to any person involved in this activity. You are responsible for your own actions and will be expected to behave in an appropriate manner and respect coaches and supervisors.

Persons under the age of 17 are required by Northern Territory law to wear a helmet on paths at all times.


By signing the registration form, or purchasing tickets to a Darwin Skate School/Shiner Town event, I agree to the above statements and that I will skate at my own risk & will not hold the event organisers responsible for any personal injury, personal loss or damages to property. I acknowledge that skating is a dangerous activity and serious injury can occur including permanent disability and or death.