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Guaranteed the best hybrid you've ever skated, they're that good! Introducing the new BOOM wheel range.

Atom is a huge proponent of evolution and have pushed the envelope over the past year to develop a new, high-performance hybrid wheel that works on cement, asphalt, sport court and MANY wood surfaces. The result is BOOM!

Surfaces: Sport Court, Concrete and Wood Floor

It's a newly developed urethane that holds traction on the most slippery of surfaces but not a soft wheel like Poison. Grip with roll - as Atomatrix's Arizona TCT teammate says "I feel like I'm on clouds"

Atomatrix agrees, "The word 'float' comes to mind! It makes skating on concrete bearable which is important for me as that's all we practice on."

From the same company that brought you the HUGELY popular 'Poison' hybrid wheel...Now comes BOOM!