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Coastal Cruising

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Coastal Cruising 2022

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Got skates? Been learning to skate at Skate Gym or already have the basic skills on flat ground? Coastal Cruising is the perfect class for you!

Coastal Cruising is a group lesson that takes place outdoors, across different Darwin locations. Skaters can learn the basics through to the challenges of outdoor skating in a safe and supportive environment.

These 1 hour lessons will take skaters through the challenges of shared paths and the tricky terrain, debris, hills and other obstacles that can make it all a bit scary to take on outdoor skating alone. These lessons are not only a fantastic opportunity to be adventurous on your skates but will help you find Darwin's best skate trails.

Suggested age from 12+ however contact us if you have a young skater capable of keeping up 

This is a non transferable class. All bookings are final and are accepted as an agreement to our TERMS & CONDITIONS


Coastal Cruising is not a beginner learn-to-skate class. However, only basic skills are
required to start at outdoors level 1, such as the ability to skate; be stable; and stop on flat ground. Each location has a separate skill level requirement so you can choose which lesson to enrol in.

Accompanied children on scooters or bikes must be of an age old enough to keep up, stay safe without intervention and follow instructions throughout the whole lesson. 

There is no skate hire available and you will need soft outdoor wheels on your skates.

Helmets are compulsory and all safety gear highly recommended as you are at increased risk of falling.....and it hurts! Under 17s are required by law to wear a helmet on all shared paths.



Skills Required


Level 1

Nightcliff Foreshore

Meet at Foreshore Cafe

Skate forward, stable, basic stops

3pm Sunday 17 July

Level 1

Waterfront Precinct

Meet at 

Skate forward, stable, basic stops

3pm Sunday 24 July

Level 2

Rapid Creek Bridge

Meet on the Rapid Creek side

Skate forward, stable, basic stops, backwards skating

3pm Sunday 31 July

Level 2


Jingili Water Gardens

Meet near the hill

Skate forward with reasonable momentum on regular surfaces, be stable, basic stops, backwards skating, weaving and curving.

3pm Sunday 7 August

Level 3

East Point Reserve

Meet at the start of East Point Road.

Skate forward at speed on regular surfaces, be stable, basic stops, endurance fitness, side stepping on skates

3pm Sunday 14 August

Level 3

Darwin CBD

Meet at Civic Park

Skate forward, stable, competent stops, stepping, backwards skating. *TRAFFIC WARNING. No accompanied children permitted.

3pm Sunday 21 August