Disco Blox Lowrider #0 - #7

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Grind Blox are super easy to install and comes with flatter cushions if you need extra space for Grind Trucks!

Designed and produced by the infamous Disco Steward, these will help you stall with confidence and slide for days.

We can help you decide which size to get, by using a great guide the Disco has made - let us know the angle of your kingpins (10, 15, 45) and either the axle spread or the distance between the kingpins at the base plate.

These 'low rider' Grind Blox run 30mm from coping to kingpin nut, so they're shallower. This suits skates with small wheels and short kingpins!

Compatibility varies between different brands and plate models, so if you're unsure of whether or not they'll fit onto your plates, please contact us with your plate model and size. 

For Powerdyne Revenge, Reactor and Rival plates, you'll need to purchase the Radius king pin kitdue to the taper on the kingpins.