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Movie Night & City Roll Out

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PLEASE NOTE: You are most welcome to join the movie and skip the skate if you aren't confident enough on your wheels yet.
The city skate is for confident (intermediate/advanced) skaters. For your safety and others, including road users, pedestrians and the new city scooters, your ability to stop, and agility to manage/avoid obstacles and unexpected situations needs to be reasonably developed.
We are skating at night, police may enforce road laws for helmet use, and the displays and exhibitions we will be skating to will contain a number of significant hazards such as steps, debris, gutters, road crossings, high traffic and very poor lighting.
As a large group, we must all remember that pedestrians have right of way.

Join Shiner Town on Saturday 27 March for a screening of the epic street skating video, Street Fighters!

Starting at 6pm at Air Raid Arcade, grab some food from Mad Snake Cafe before watching two classic skate videos with your skate mates at Radio Gnome Records. At 7.30, we roll out in the city to check out our amazing street art and the super cool Tropical Lights exhibition.
Finish the night at Babylon Bar for drinks.

Food is available for purchase from Mad Snake Café. Movie snacks from Radio Gnome Records. 

Roll out is suitable for confident outdoor skaters only. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
Road and helmet laws apply to all skaters, Skate at your own risk
Under 18 must wear a helmet by law.