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Halloween Roller BOP

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 Sunday October 31

This year we are bringing you a ghostly gouly Roller Bop during the day, on Halloween day. Bring the whole family to zombie skate, monster mash and time warp your way through Halloween and be out in time to trick & treat your neighborhood.

Some tips for dressing up on skates
  • Keep the liquids and slime at home. Anything that doesn't dry, can end up on the floor and that means slippery yuk...no good for skating
  • Avoid anything that can break and fall off, like beads, jewelry and other small items. Also no good for skating over.
  • Remember if your costume hangs below your knees, falling on your costume can cause tears....and tears!
  • Likewise if your costume drags on the floor, wheels can run it over and cause nasty falls
  • Props are cool, but maybe not to skate with if they can be dangerous
  • Lollies can be yum, but they should never be in your mouth or hands while skating. They can end up on the floor, or worse, choking you if you stumble ESPECIALLY lolly pop sticks and straws.
What to expect at the stadium 
  • Safe zones for beginners 
  • Water station available for bottle refills
  • No skate hire available. No food available. No alcohol permitted
  • Please check your skates and parts for deterioration before using them. Damaged skates are not permitted and skating will be terminated for those using broken equipment
  • We can perform minor adjustments to your skates using appropriate skate tools but we cannot provide repairs requiring glue, tape, scissors etc.
  • Please remember this is a multi use facility, not a public rink. We don't have the same facilities as a rink would.




-Please use the main floor if you are relatively stable and able to look after yourself- ---Follow all instructions from event staff
- Safety gear recommend but not compulsory
- No water bottles on the skate floor (black flooring only) and please attend all spills immediately. Limit food to discrete snacks, keep our floors safe from droppage
- Parents are responsible for the actions of their children
- Adults on skates must not carry children
- No skating upstairs or playing tip around the corridors and foyer
- No non skaters on the skate floor
- Safe clothing to be worn
- If the pace is too fast on the main floor, or small children are at risk, please move them to the safe zones


How do I use a school sports voucher?

You need to email the voucher to us and request your ticket prior to the event. Please do not ask the voucher to cover anyone other than the child the voucher has been allocated to.

Can I hire skates?
Unfortunately hire skates are not available at this time

Can any skate level join in?
Yes. We do expect the newest skaters use the safe zones to the left and right of the stadium floor though. The main floor is for competent skaters. This doesn’t mean advanced skills, it just means able to keep safe and not cause significant risk to others.

Your safety and the safety of others
Shiner Town/Darwin Skate School advocates for use of safety gear, however open skate nights are at your discretion. We reserve the right to instruct anyone to wear extra safety gear who we deem at increased risk of injury and reserve the right to terminate skating of anyone who we deem to be skating in an unsafe manner towards others. This includes but is not limited to uncontrolled speed, reckless falling or flailing, unwanted grabbing and pushing of other patrons (siblings included) and in general, failing to follow instructions. Costumes must also not cause a hazard to ones self or others.

I've paid, but I cant come now. Can I use my ticket another time or get a refund?
You may sell your ticket at your own discretion. However, it will remain under the original purchaser name unless we are notified early.


Skate wheels matter. At Marrara Stadium, the floor is a sports court that is very smooth and can be slippery. If your skates have plastic, old/dry/brittle, or worn out wheels, they may not get any traction which increases the risk of suddenly slipping and injuring yourself. Low quality wheels can make it harder to skate. Darwin Skate School encourages you to consider the quality of your wheels for a better and safer skating experience.