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Skate Park for Girls

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Purchasing this workshop is also an agreement to the Terms & Conditions of Darwin Skate School.

Join us for our very special PILOT PROGRAM. This is our first ever series held for ramp skating and our first class to include skateboarding.

For ages 10 and up ~ talk to us if you have a super skilled younger skater and we'll see what we can do. Adults welcome and encouraged!

There will be 5 x fortnightly 1 hour sessions 6-7pm Friday nights
July 31, August 14, 18, September 11 & 25

★ Coaching
★ Personal insurance for the rest of 2020 (which includes cover outside of class hours whenever you skate)
★ Your classes will be small so we can fully tailor your program and skill development
★ You will also receive a 10% off voucher for Shiner Town store to help you get kitted out.

☛ You must be able to confidently ride your board on flat ground in both directions.
☛ You need to be able to mount and dismount a moving board, and stay on as you carve.
☛ Your board needs to be a double-kick park board. No cruisers, longboards, small ) boards, toy boards permitted.

☛ You must be able to confidently skate, stop, transition, skate backwards and jump on flat ground. Check  our self assessment charts here. Ideally you want to have completed the beginners level, and be up to starting intermediate skills.
☛ Your skates need to be a reasonable quality. No toy skates, plastic wheels.
☛ Your skates may not be recommended as park skates and may deteriorate quicker with park use. You may need to upgrade when you move up skill levels.

☛ You must be able to confidently skate, stop, transition, skate backwards and jump on flat ground.
☛ Aggressive skates only, no roller blades permitted

Full safety gear is required. We are learning tricks and skate park injuries are very serious. When you're nailing tricks like a boss it’s up to you what you wear on your own time. With us, it’s one rule for all! Our liability does not cover unprotected skaters.

HELMETS- Must be a well fitted skate helmet. No bike helmets please. Also, consider the quality of your helmet. A certification does not guarantee a good firm fit. If your helmet can come off your head or slides around exposing your forehead when it is strapped up, you cannot continue in our classes. YES this means over 18’s too. Consider investing in a fitted helmet from Shiner Town Skates & Accessories.