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Super Beginner Learn2Skate FEB 2

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Lets get you rolling!

02 February 6-7pm 

A class for ages 7+. If you have a little skater, please book them into Skate Gym. They will join the PlaySkate group.

  • This class is 1 hour 6-7pm.
  • Cyclone watch announcements will result in cancelation of event.
  • Marrara Indoor Stadium is an NTG evacuation centre. Events may be cancelled due to current flooding in parts of the NT.
  • Transfers and refunds will be granted under these circumstances.
A class especially for the newest of skaters. If any of this sounds like you, then this is your chance to roll.

-Never skated
-It's been a long time
-Not yet stable (hanging on, grabbing or very wobbly)
-Fear, anxiety, low confidence
-Struggling to stand, skate, stop, be stable, and stay safe (the 5 S's)
In this class, you will learn
-Understanding of your skates and momentum,
-To assess risks and stay safe
-Develop your core stability and balance
-Foundation skate skills of the 5 S's

This class is for level 0 skaters

Please do not book this class if you are already in level 1 with Skate Gym. If you are still confined to the 'safe zones' at our skate events, please come to this.

Please leave these spaces for those needing to learn the basics. Skate Gym is starting very soon for level 1+ skaters. Age 6 and under will be catered for at Skate Gym in Play Skate class.

All participants are expected to read and agree to our TERMS & CONDITIONS before purchasing tickets


Your wheels matter. At Marrara Stadium, the floor is a sports court that is very smooth and can be slippery. If your skates have plastic, old/dry/brittle, or worn out wheels, they may not get much traction and you are at a significantly increased risk of suddenly slipping and injuring yourself. Coaches reserve the right to terminate your lesson if you are on plastic wheels and appear unsafe. 

You will need to own your own skates. No skate hire is available at this time


We strongly recommend helmets for all beginners as well as the use of wrist, knee and elbow guards