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Shiner Town Skates & Accessories is currently transitioning across to Darwin Skate School and reducing its product listings.

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Who Are Skate Parks Intended For

Skate parks are a fast-paced environment designed and built specifically for trick skating. 

Skate parks are commonly used by skateboarders, inline and quad skaters, BMX and scooter riders in a trick or stunt capacity.

Where Are Our Skate Parks

The Top End has a number of skate parks/pump tracks in the suburbs as well as the rural area. Check out the map below for information.

How To Use a Skate Park

Skate parks function best when users and supervisors understand ‘skate park etiquette’. Skate parks are not playgrounds and small children are at a significant risk of injury.

Check out some of our tips for understanding skate park etiquette.

Our store

Darwin Skate School has an online store specialising in a selection of the best products available.

Whilst skates and accessories are available in some of our major department stores, and we do support family choice and entry level toy skates, we choose to support brands that support skaters, the Australian skate market and are fair traders.

Occasionally our pop-up-shop features at local events, festivals and markets.

You can request us at your event.

Local pick up available, or weekly delivery available.

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