Shiner Town is pleased to be offering skate coaching and lessons for beginners who are looking to start out and intermediate and advanced classes for those who are looking to improve their skills.
We also hold various classes throughout the year in various locations so keep an eye out on our EVENTS PAGE.
We share a great relationship with City of Darwin and are included in the Healthy Darwin program through the dry and wet season.
Check out the 2019 program HERE where you will find Coastal Cruising and our new Mini Cruise
If you are looking for something a little more personally focused, talk to us about private coaching. Single and small group learning is a great way to accelerate your skills, or to simply take part in an awesome skate tour of our beautiful city.
Go on a skate date with your partner, learn new skills and explore together. 


Shiner Town Roller Room is at the back of the skate store and has approx. 48m² of open space which is all that is needed for learning the essential basics of skating. The Roller Room is perfect for that very first step into skates, a little bit of confidence building or for tiny tots to get an early start. 
Before booking, please read our Terms & Conditions