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Chuffed Crew collection are a special order at Shiner Town. 

Please talk to us about your size and we can check availability before ordering.

Available in full sizes only from 4-11

Chuffed Crew Collection

The Chuffed Crew are a bunch of skaters from down under who live and breathe roller skating, and want to see as many people as possible get chuffed on skating. These skaters have been selected for their individual style, and what they contribute to the skate community.

Crew Collection skates are inspired by crew skaters. Each crew member will have input into the colour and design of their skate so that it will be a reflection of their unique personality and style. A royalty from each pair of Crew Collection skates sold will go to the skater, and a portion of sales will also go to a not-for-profit organisation of the skater’s choice.

Fuegote BLACK. Inspired by Sugu Valbuena Sanchez

Fuegote! It's Spanish for 'big fire,' and is something you would shout to your friends when their spicy tricks are red hot.

These skates are the first in our Chuffed Crew collection and are inspired by the fiery Sugu Valbuena Sanchez. They feature a piping hot flame lining designed by Sugu herself, and a black suede outer with orange eyelets and laces. 

A royalty from every set purchased goes directly to Sugu, and $10 goes to Sugu’s not-for-profit organisation of choice, the Asylum Seekers Centre. 

Wild Thing ORANGE. Inspired by Sophie Pizzuto

Wild thing, you make my heart sing!

These tiger orange skates are part of our Chuffed Crew collection and are inspired by the very groovy Sophie Pizzuto. She might seem shy, but inside there is a wild skate animal just waiting for night to fall so it can be unleashed. The orange suede outer is contrasted against a black sole, eyelets, and laces, while inside there is a 70’s inspired animal print lining with flower decals for ultimate nostalgic vibes. The boot is padded with our cloud-like foam lining to deliver supreme comfort right out of the box. That’s right, zero break in period!

A royalty from every set of Wild Things purchased goes directly to Sophie, and $10 goes to Sophie’s not-for-profit organisation of choice, Orange Sky Australia

Birak MUSTARD. Inspired by Ashley Chitty

'Birak' pays respects to one of the 6 six seasons on Noongar boodja country where Chitty grew up, and is her birth season. The beginning of Indigenous seasons aren’t dictated by certain days or months, but by the change of weather, flora, and fauna. Birak is the first summer, hot and dry, and is regarded as the season of the young. Young animals leave the nest and start venturing beyond into the world. This playful image evokes the feeling of skating – embracing the season of the young, freedom, and remembering to be young at heart.

The colours of Birak are encapsulated in the mustard yellow suede outer with coral pink laces and eyelets. The skate’s lining was a collaboration with Perth's Kamsani Bin-Salleh (@Kambarni). Kam is a Nimunburr/Yawuru/Ballardong artist who uses the natural world to inspire his work and has provided his abstract interpretation of this Noongar season.

A royalty from every set of Birak’s purchased goes directly to Chitty, and $10 goes to their not-for-profit organisation of choice, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.